Katsudon (Pork Cutlet Bowl)

Katsudon WM-04520

Japanese cuisine has been part of the food trends in Manila.

As early as high school, I remember, our family would always go to this small Japanese grocery, Kobeya, in Glorietta, beside the parking exit. It was my first exposure to Japanese food and my dad would order Tuna sashimi and California maki for starters, then he would order for me a bowl of Katsudon. It was love at first bite, the light broth consistency with a rich, slightly sweet umami punch that would gush out each bite. The pork cutlet portioned to a half inch thickness that prevents the meat to be overcooked quite easily, then perfectly fried to a crisp.

Overtime, I availed a free short course from a magazine, that the how to cook Japanese food. And learn the basics of cooking Japanese. 

Through the years, I have concluded that there are just 4 basic ingredients in a Japanese pantry-soy sauce, mirin, sake, and dashi. With these ingredients, the possibilities in creating Japanese dishes  endless. 

From this Katsudon recipe, you can start your Japanese food journey.

So here’s our version and tell us what you think. Comment below for suggestions and feedback.


Katsudon (Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl)

Yield: 2 servings

Katsudon Sauce:

1/2 cup Water

1/2 tsp. Hondashi or Katsuodashi (dashi made from bonito flakes)

3 Tbsp. Kikkoman Soy Sauce

2 Tbsp. Mirin

1 Tbsp. Brown Sugar

1 Tbsp. Cooking Sake (non-alcoholic)

Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet):

2 pcs. – 150-180g. Boneless Porkloin, flatten with a mallet

50g. All Purpose Flour

1 pc. Egg

50g. Panko Bread Crumbs (Japanese bread crumbs)

S. P. to taste

Oil for frying


2 pcs. Large Eggs

100g. White Onion, thinly sliced

30g. Leeks, thinly sliced

3 cups Cooked Rice, split into 2 bowls


  1. Preheat oil in a wok at 180°C/350°F.
  1. Make tonkatsu: in two separate plate, place flour and bread crumbs and beat the egg in a bowl. Do the breading procedure. Season the pork. Dredge the pork in flour, dust for excess. Dip in egg, let it drip for excess egg. Then, finally, bread in bread crumbs. Chill, set aside.
  1. Sauce: In a small sauce pan, add dashi powder and water. Let it simmer for 2 mins. then add the rest of the ingredients. Let it simmer for another minute to dissolve the sugar, set aside.

Katsudon WM-04422

  1. In the preheated oil, deep-fry tonkatsu for 3-4 mins. or until the cutlet turns golden brown and cooked. Drain in a paper towel. Chopped into 1 inch strips.

Katsudon WM-04447

Katsudon WM-04454

  1. Finishing: In a small sauce pan, get a tbsp of oil from the frying pan. Preheat and sauté onions for a minute. Add the pork cutlet, carefully sliding it from the chopping board to retain the position. Add 1/3 cup of the sauce in the cutlet. In a small bowl, beat an egg. After beating, drop the beaten egg to the pork cutlet. Let the egg solidify, then sprinkle it with chopped leeks. Take out from heat.

Katsudon WM-04478

Katsudon WM-04501

  1. Plating: Carefully pour the pork cutlet mixture on top of rice. Serve hot. 

*You can sprinkle some Togarashi (Japanese chili flakes) to give it a kick of heat.


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