Chicken Buldak Noodles (Chijeu Buldak)


The Chicken Buldak with Egg Noodles is a recipe inspired by our favorite Korean restaurant in Quezon City.

Every time we dine there, it is the first thing we order. Through the years, we got familiarized with its flavor and tried doing it at home. In Korea, we had this on a sizzling plate with melted mozzarella on the side. It’s rich, spicy flavor with a hint of sweetness was balanced by the mozzarella cheese.

Actually, the fire noodle challenge everybody has been raving about is, technically, a Buldak on noodles. They just made it excruciatingly spicy for everyone to bear. It’s a common street food in Korea that is served with slices of rice cake.

So here’s our version and tell us what you think. Comment below for suggestions and feedback.




Yield: 4 servings

Chicken Buldak:

2 Tbsp. Olive Oil

30g. White Onion, medium dice

500g. Chicken Fillet, cut into 1 inch chunk

1/4 cup Gochujang (Korean Chili paste)

1 Tbsp. Honey

2 tsp. Gochugaru (Korean Chili Flakes)

S. P. to taste


250g. Egg Noodles


100g. Processed Cheese* / Cheddar Cheese / Mozzarella Cheese, grated

Sliced Leeks for Garnish

*We used a regular processed cheese in the photo due to availability in our pantry.


  1. Boil a pot of water with some salt.
  1. In a preheated pan, sauté chopped onion in oil for 2 mins.
  1. Add chicken in the pan. Cook for another 3 mins. until fully cooked. It would naturally produce water.
  1. While the chicken is cooking, cook the egg noodles as instructed in the packaging. Most of them are cooked between 2-3 mins.
  1. After cooking the noodles, drain, then rinse in cold water set aside.
  1. After cooking the chicken, add the rest of the ingredients, gochujang, honey, and gochugaru.
  1. Simmer for 3 mins. until slightly sticky. Season with salt and pepper.
  1. Toss the chicken in noodles and top it grated cheese and sliced leeks.

B – Another option is to serve it as a viand. Just omit the noodles in the recipe and procedure, then after cooking the chicken, generously grate some mozzarella cheese on top.


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